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Connecting you with your garden.

Call me for any and all garden landscaping services on the West Coast. Whether you need advice, planning, design or maintenance, I can help.

My team has a genuine passion for improving green spaces.
With over 25 years of experience between us, and the right tools for the job, there’s no garden too difficult!

Learn more about the services we offer below, or arrange a consultation.





Our customer-first approach to our work puts us a cut above the rest.

We listen to what you want, understand your vision, and transform your ideas into a workable plan.

As we design and work on your garden, we are always considering how each area will be used and enjoyed.   

This elevates your garden from a show piece, to a practical and functional living space that suits you, your goals and your tastes.

We can take your garden project every step of the way, from an initial consultation, to a drawn design, to sourcing the materials and implementing the entire plan.  We can organise and oversee any work that needs to be outsourced, we have nurtured relationships with other experts and tradespeople who we trust to meet our clients’ standards.

We can break a project into staged progression, or even only supply part of the process – whether you need just a design to work from yourself, or have a design and would like us to implement it.


Everyone who’s ever had a garden, knows how easily it can get away on you.

Restoring overgrown gardens is our speciality, as our extensive experience allows us to quickly identify and prioritise what needs to happen to bring the garden back on the right track.

Our extensive plant knowledge means that we can spot the treasures growing in your garden, and give them the correct care to help them thrive.

We have the right tools and industry contacts to get the job done neatly and efficiently.

If any part of the work is beyond the scope of our team, we have a network of trusted contractors we can call to lend a hand.

Most people are surprised at just how much comes out of an overgrown garden, we can take your garden waste away for you, or leave it on your property in a place that suits you.

We always tidy a site to the best of our ability before leaving, this is something we pride ourselves on and is included in the cost of any quote or invoice.   If it weren’t for the drastically changed garden, you’d never even know we were there! 😉


Even the most low-maintenance garden requires regular work.

Nature is forever trying to reclaim land to wilderness, and most plants need a human touch to look their best!

We can advise you on an appropriate maintenance plan for your garden and budget, whether you just need the consultation for your own guidance, or would prefer to leave it in our capable hands.

We specialise in weeding, pest and disease management, soil improvement, spray programmes and pruning work.

We no longer take on lawn-mowing, but we can recommend someone who can help you.

When we come to work on your property, you can trust us to treat it with the utmost respect.

We endeavour to leave everything in the same or better condition than when we arrived.


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